I’m back. Can’t post all the pictures as needed. Our internet is so slow that I’m going to try again. Hopefully I can post a mixed media of our Granddaughter Krista, another unfinished color pencil and some more acrylic on gemstones. Thanks!

Krista, our Granddaughter, mixed media 9×12″
Prisma Colored pencil portrait in process, 9×12″ Kona Classic toned artist paper.
Canadian Geese 4″x 6″ on Rainbow Obsidian, mined above Davis Creek Ca. “older commission” Gemstone quality.
This piece has a backdrop of Eagle Peak with refuge scene.
 Approximately 9×4 1/2″ painted on pink onyx. One of my favorite gemstones! “Sold at Art Show’
Prisma C.P. used on Kona Classic Paper. She has mule deer eyes along with mini antlers. 8×10″
Foxy on kona Classic, 8×10 inches, Prisma C.P.