Photograph of snow on Warner Mountains, March 23, 2015 by Paula O. Murphy

“Snow on Warner Mountains, March 23, 2015”

Woke up to snow this morning. Not very much, but better than nothing. Now that our apricot trees are bloomed out it has froze twice which usually happens every year anyway. This last week I have still been enjoying my Prismacolor pencils. I ordered Prismacolor verithin color pencils for details and Prismacolor stix for coloring in backgrounds. Hopefully some of the artworks will be nice enough to matt and frame which I really hate getting into. Most of the inexpensive frames are plastic or some kind of foam and the ready made matts don’t come in enough variety of colors. Back to Dick Blick, they do provide the right stuff but getting all the goodies to do it right is expensive so it will have to wait awhile. If I would just quit buying art supplies I could save. Ha! Meanwhile there is enough to do. With the days getting warmer there is all that grass and weeds taking over. Then there is the garden which I plan on doing very little but maintaining what is doing well and that’s to much. I’m posting some more photos of color pencil work and more older paintings on gemstones

. Hope your next week is great!