Western, wildlife, fantasy fine art and one of a kind, fantasy art dolls

Photograph of artist Paula O. Murphy

Paula O. Murphy

Hello, my name is Paula O. Murphy. I live in north eastern California. Its considered a high desert area, meaning 9 months of winter and 3 months of summer. It’s considered the wilderness area and the last frontier. I live on a hilltop where I can look out from my studio and see beautiful mountains covered with snow in the winter and shades of blue in the summer.
I’ve been an equine, wildlife, and fantasy artist all my life. I also love dolls and making one of a kind art dolls with polymer clay. It has been my main focus for several years now.
You may see several types of artwork here from time to time with an approximate 50 years of experience behind each piece. With that I hope to continue making every item better than the last.
Thank You for looking and Best Wishes…

Paula has been a professional visual artist for most of her life with a passion for creating dolls. She loves experimentation and mixing mediums; from traditional fine art mediums such as oils, acrylics, ceramics, sculpture and mold making to cloth, hosiery, fiber, and clays. Paula’s one of a kind dolls are the culmination of her lifetime’s work and experience in these diverse mediums. “It takes it all… from concept to finish; drawing, painting, sculpture, and even sewing.”

Presently she is focused on the creation of one of a kind (OOAK) fantasy art dolls using modern polymer and epoxy clays. Her current favorites are ProSculpt and Magic-Sculpt along with personal blends. She accentuates the final details with a wide variety of materials such as fabrics, paint, antique costume jewelry, buttons, fiber and whatever she gets her hands on. Much of Paula’s fiber comes from her own goats (caprines) and llamas which are lovingly raised on the Murphy’s small farm, “Canyon View Woolies & Caprines”.

“I have never had to wait for inspiration…”

Paula’s dolls or “characters” as she likes to say, range from whimsical, simple, and beautiful to grotesque and bizarre. She leans towards fantasy characters such as elves, fairies, witches, wizards, and Santa Claus, all with a distinct fun loving and witty demeanor. She creates dolls in all sizes ranging from miniatures at 2”-3” to larger dolls at 14”-18”. view dolls…
“I have never had to wait for inspiration, as my head is filled with enough ideas to keep me busy for several lifetimes. A piece of fabric, a flower, a rock, a piece of costume jewelry, buttons, a tree branch, or driftwood can cause a doll with an entire scene and story, to emerge in my mind.”