Well I stayed away from blogging along time. So no, I am not dead yet. I’ve spent a great amount of time away from any artwork, well, for thing I spent all my time gardening and keeping everything wet. Then there was the canning and dehydrating. As November approached I started going thru my old art books and supplies. Books that I love like; Robert Bateman, Guy Coheleach, Maynard Reece, Charlie Russell, Fredrick Remington, James Gurney, James Christensen, John Howe and Scott Gustafson. The list goes on; Arthur Rackham, Richard Doyle, Warwick Goble and more. The top of the list of fantasy is Brian, Wendy and Toby Froud. I have always loved their work and
I will never be able to express the experience of the doll making class I took in 2008 and was fortunate to meet the Froud family and get all my books a signed and some for my daughter.  The essence of fairies and creatures spreads all about them like your favorite perfume. There is no way to describe it. The feeling still clings to me like; yes there really is fairies slipping in and about in a far sideway glance or just right in front of you, making you take another look.

So, then it was on to my supplies; watercolor, pastels, acrylics, oils, brushes, pens, pencils and then the assortment of papers, frames, matts. Wow! its been almost 10 years since I touched them!. Where have I been? Answer: Finally got the chance to work on OOAK art dolls which I will return to soon.

Its been a big job but with money I earned in the past from painting rock slabs and commissions, the big job of sorting and renewing supplies is almost done. My new found old inspirations have returned and I can’t make my brain rest with all the new ideas I want to express.

Posted are a few photos of new fun things expressed on paper and gemstone slabs. Hope you will enjoy. Thanks!

Green Elf. ” Prisma Color Pencils.”
Snail Girl. “Prisma Color Pencils.”


All three mule deer sets are painted in acrylics on mahogany obsidian gemstone slabs. the Rock in mined above Davis Creek, California. This is one of my favorite rocks here in Modoc.