Well so much for my faithful blogging but I have so many good excuses. The best one is we remodeled my studio. I have worked in an old trailer for years so it really needed some work. My sweet husband put in two large windows and a small one and new flooring. The mega job was actually finding a place to put all my life time storage (pack rat stuff) somewhere so the job could get done. Part of my job was to decide on a color and paint. I never thought I would see the day when I would choose “PINK” but I couldn’t get it out of my head. I like it. There is still work to do like moulding and more paint touch ups but my stuff is moved back in and now I can get back to work. Organization is an on going job so I try to work on it as I work on my dolls or the dolls never happen. Back to the Studio- there is two rooms; one small and one medium with a door between. The smaller for sculpting and painting the other for the more dirty work like armatures, sewing, drilling, sawing etc. I love the windows! Major depression breakers. I feel so much better sitting in front of them even if I can’t see out. So guess that means I have to trim that creeping virginia or virginia creeper, what ever its called. The remodeling will continue to need adjustments etc but the major work is done. Yeah!!!! As for the pink it is a soothing relaxing color and pink goes with dolls, don’t you think!