Old Elvin is wearing a hand made green leather vest and tan leather pants. His head, hands and boots are mixed polymer clay. He stands about 9″ tall. His little beard and pony tail is made with mohair fiber from Poppy, one of my angora goat girls. His cane is a piece of Virginia Creeper with clay added at both ends and painted. His little brown basket has magic butter beans enfolded in deer leather. A golden leaf charm rests on his small homespun scarf. He also has a little cap adorned with a small peacock feather but not shown in this photo.

I will try to post some more photos of the last few dolls in different poses later on. I won’t promise though. My eyeballs are trying to crawl out of my head down my shoulders to the hallway and up into my bed without the rest of me. I’ve been cleaning up my photo folders, posting, on and on, so I just want to start some new sculpts. Thanks and hope everyone is warm, full, and happy!