Elves with Tails and more.

Thought I would put a few more dolls up that just have a couple of details to finish them off. You can compare them to the heads in the photos below. Its a fun trip from one sculpted head to the finish. The head can fill your mind with lots of stories but during the progress to the body, hands, feet, hair, makeup, and costume my mind goes into a thousand more stories. Each doll created brings to mind a thousand more dolls to create. I need to get outside to let my mind and body recharge. Feeding our goats, lamas, cats, dogs and chickens just is’nt enough exercise. My husband and I got each other a fishing license for Christmas. Don is suggesting a little fishing trip today. So as I’m writing this I think I better take him up on it. Its cold but no snow. Actually we have not had snow since Nov. I Actually like no snow but this spring and summer will be really dry. Hope your day is warmer than ours!

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  1. I would love to go fishing with the two of you But that would be a very long walk from here. We also have not had a lot of snow here in Grand Junction Colorado. Miss you both

    Jim McClanahan

  2. Hi jim, Nice to hear from you. Don really enjoyed his visit with you. We should know better but of course we went about 30 miles to check out fishing. Huge lake – all frozen. ha. Nice drive though. We are going to go down to the kids in Redding soon. The sacramento runs behind their place and its not frozen! Yeah, can't wait. Take care and thanks for visiting the blog.