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"Steampunk Cherry"

Steam Punk Cherry, figurine OOAK fantasy art doll
Cherry, face detail OOAK steam punk fantasy art doll
Cherry, back detail OOAK steam punk art doll
Cherry, side view OOAK steam punk art doll
Cherry, back detail OOAK steam punk art doll
Cherry, boots OOAK steam punk art doll

One of a kind, steam punk art doll "Cherry"

Available: $1,200, purchase now at Etsy or inquire here.

Steam Punk Cherry is 14”tall including her hand painted matching stand. Her stylish handmade outfit is made from a unique piece of multi colored vintage lace. Several cuts from a 1950s’ floral scarf made a smaller scarf for Sherry’s tiny neck, a delicate top skirt cover over her brown leather wrap skirt and bands finishing as sleeve cuffs and legging bands.

Cherry’s hat, bustle, boots, and body parts are made from cernit polymer clay. She has a cloth body over a wire armature. She has faux cherry colored fur hair. She carries a teal blue leather shoulder style purse adorned with a small clock. Attached by a gold thread are three special keys. A very small watch gear and hand makes a lovely necklace and a metal butterfly adorns the back of Cherry’s bustle. Peacock feathers snazzy up her hat and made her butterfly styled eyelashes.

Cherry can be seen in the "Doll Collector Magazine for November 2011 and February 2012."