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"Lion Mouse"

Lion Mouse, critter OOAK fantasy art doll
Lion Mouse, creature one of a kind fantasy art doll
Lion Mouse, OOAK creature art doll
Lion Mouse, anthropomorphic OOAK art doll

One of a kind, anthropomorphic art doll "Lion Mouse"

Available: $375, purchase now at Etsy or inquire here.

Lion Mouse is 7 1/2 inches tall just to the top of his ears. If you count his cute faux fur he is 8 ½ inches tall. His cute little hands, orange boots and head are made from cernit polymer clay. He has a cloth body over a wire armature. He wears an attractive tan leather vest coat with tails which hangs around his own tail. A long sleeved multi colored floral shirt brightens his whole ensemble. Don’t forget to check out his long tail which helps him stand upright. His friends call him “ The Hippie.”