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"Carnival Girl and Blue Dino"

Carnival Girl and Blue Dino, OOAK fantasy art doll
Blue Dino, dinosaur OOAK fantasy art doll
Carnival Girl, side view OOAK art doll
Blue Dinosaur, detail OOAK art doll

One of a kind, steam punk art doll "Cherry"

Available: $1,200, purchase now at Etsy or inquire here.

Dino girl is 10”tall and with her jeweled stand she is 11”. Her Hat, head, hands, and boots are made from cernit polymer clay. She has lovely blue faux fur hair. She has a wire armature which is wrapped with natural fiber batting and covered with fine stretch knit fabric. Her sleeves, collar and leggings are black leather. I love the teal blue leather that was used for her mini jumper. It actually set the whole color scheme for this little display. The Vintage jewel piece at her waist was found at one of my favorite antique and junk stores. The little silver balloons are made from a Christmas pin. Little ab Swarovski crystals accent her boots and jumper.

Blue Dino the miniture dinosaur is 6” tall and he is not attached to the stand so he can run all over the place. If you place the end of his jeweled lease into the hands of Dino girl he will stay put. Dino is hand sculpted polymer clay over a wire armature and hand painted with acrylics.